What are your plans after graduation?

  • Taking a break might be a good solution for some, while searching for an opportunity for others.

  • Joining a job. Working in the industry.

  • With all the student debt I accrued, getting a job just to pay it all back was goal 1

  • Break, re-calibrate, work.

  • Find a better job and make more money.

  • Well, it ought to be getting a good job that you enjoy, and that utilizes your degree and what you have learned.  

  • I hope that everyone graduating in 2024 plans to go to as many on-campus interviews in order to get a good job in their major.  I know some folks that did not take advantage of this opportunity to meet people in your industry that are looking for new employees;  Sadly those folks never ended up getting a job in their major, and pretty much wasted 4 years of education.

  • taking on the world!!!

  • I'd like to find a job to pay back all the debt.