How do you encourage other people (students, coworkers, your family) to stay positive and keep striving?

It seems like the world is getting more negative. I was wondering what is the most effective way to encourage others to stay positive and keep striving towards a goal. How do you foster teamwork? Thanks!

  • One way is to ask that they compare their "problems" with folks that have lost their homes, jobs, friends to: War(Ukraine), Natural Disaster(Flooding, Drought), etc.  Suddenly our lives look much better, and problems much smaller.   Another idea...  Being Positive vs negative is also like a "light switch" that we can decide to turn on, and off.  IF you turn on positivity every day for a month, it will become a habit!

  • Do to others what you like others to do to you

  • I feel that sometimes people don't accept advice because they think that the person giving the advice understands their situation. I would try to connect them with someone who has been on a similar journey.

  • It certainly does seem like that. I tell people to think positive, act positive, talk positive, and be positive about each other. Once you start doing that everyday you will form a habit and then it will come natural. If you are positive yourself you start affecting those around you who are having a problem with the negativity. 

  • I look at it like, every day keep a happy face and attitude on to help the people around you get through it and have a better day tomorrow. You never know what is happening in that other person's life on any given day, so keep that attitude in the positive...

  • The best way is to try to connect and understand them, while being positive yourself. Never push that onto them or try to say there are worse situations than theirs. Everyone is living their own life and has their own issues which are important to them. Just stay positive yourself and try to make their days better when they are around you. 

  • Don't stay positive! The world is half filled with nastiness and we run through it often. We are human and thus imperfect. Saying to just be positive every day then it will become a habit misses point that many cannot not even do it the first time. We, at least in Western society, idolize success and perfection and somehow demonize and ignore the blood sweat and tears it took to get there because it's not sexy. I just now realized that you cannot "just" be positive! Thats like saying "the key to getting a million dollars is... get a million dollars." Being positive is unrealistic. I found that UNDERSTANDING that life has its ups AND its downs and ACCEPTING that you must go through these hills and valleys to live is the key. Understanding why failure AND success happen and from different points of views and accepting whether YOU are positive or negative is ALL about the story you CHOOSE to tell yourself what's happening and that usually is not the truth. Instead understand that success and failure happen all the time and neither should stop you from always moving forward. The only purpose of mistakes is for us to learn and become better. Success is only one summit in a long line of mountains we must climb after descending into the depths of the valleys before it. Always challenge yourself; never become stagnant. No matter how much you've failed no matter how scared you are to continue DONT STOP! Keep going WITH the fear and do it. Fail often, LEARN more often. You WILL climb out of the valley of despair onto that mountain and look down and wonder why you were ever scared in the first place! Courage does not come to those who wait for it; for they wait forever. Courage comes from being terrified and yet wanting the thing so bad you do it anyway. You may fail, so what do it again and again and again, eventually you will succeed. The fear of what you can handle has gone away, you just obtained courage. Now do something new and start the process over. That's life. So go and live.

  • I think you need to stay positive yourself since negativity spreads from person to person! You don't want someone's bad day to ruin your day because the cycle just continues. It is okay not to be happy all the time, but nobody should take it out on the person next to you. 

    So what it boils down to for me it spread the good and deal with the bad in a healthy way 

  • I think sharing personal life experiences or sharing examples of others that have inspiring stories help. If you’re able to get others emotionally touched, you may have a breakthrough. However, I’ve grown a lot through my own experiences, and use those as an opportunity to get to know me but also share what has shaped me and who I am today. So,  perhaps having a dialogue to get to know other’s experiences/history and connect with them on their experiences. 

  • Always lead by example, it's really all you can control.