Future travels.

What future travels one wants to go on?  With and without family.  I find travelling always helps with learning if one wants to.

  • If finances is in question, I would suggest a cruise. I recently gone on my first cruise and it was amazing! It stopped at three different cities in Mexico. If money is no options, I would suggest India! So many cultures, traditions, religions, food and languages to experience 

  • Oh gahds, So much! with family all the beauty in Spain, Itally and France... the foods, so hungry right now. With or without fam I want to visit all the archeological sites of great antiquity or course the Giza Pyramids but also all the pyramids of Mexico and central America, one down, Chichén Itza. Now all these new Mayan and Amazonian mega city discoveries with LIDAR I am salivating to see! Basically, every place of great megaliths; easter island, Angkor Wat, all Henges, Emperor Chin tomb, Denisovan cave. So many, but I'm also an amateur astronomer and would love to visit supreme remote sites with dark skies to take the best astrophotography images, that is if I can manage around Space X' starlink BS. Also want to do astrophotography on the moon when I can get tickets on his flights. Which would be way sooner and more possible than Mars which is the next place on my list.

  • I would love to travel through the different countries in Africa and the UK, and certainly would like to see India. So many beautiful places to see.

  • My mom really enjoyed Fiji and New Zealand.  Always want to see where she has been. 

  • My advice would be to pick a location and study the history of that area including specific events that happened at specific locations. Then when you visit, plan your trip around those locations. The connection with history can both add to your enjoyment of the trio and help with remembering the history you learned.

  • Berlin and Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Beijing and Shanghai (China) - I found the community of other Ableton Certified Trainers (like myself) based in each of these cities and love to meet them and share ideas about making electronic music and teaching electronic music

  • Amazing places to visit.

  • On my bucket list.

  • Great views there I imagine.