The Future of Social Media Platforms.

With Facebook AKA Meta platforms failing miserably with the investment of the Meta-Verse losing over 9.4 billion dollars so far this year as a failed VR platform, as well as Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, making it a private company and firing half of the employees within the 1st week, what is the future of social media? Do you think a more independent lower budget free thinking platform will emerge from all of this chaos?

  • Those 2 are already the old stagnant platforms falling out of relevance. The future looks gloomy though if you look at what the younger/future generations are beguiled by.

  • I wondered about that seems like the sims was a head of it time

  • except the Sims had better graphics.

  • I defiantly see the mat world as a thing or at least a lot more video 

  • I think that the big companies struggling right now will be fine. But some new companies will emerge, but be more niche.

  • yes but thy might get bought out

  • Elon Musk making Twitter lean again and reinstating D.T's account, gonna be an interesting case of big social media reinventing itself.

  • Tiktok is emerging from this chaos

  • People really do need to realize that ads pay for things and without them life is a lot more expensive and smaller.

  • I figure a new social media platform will take off every once in a while, then corporate greed will take over and ruin it.