What do you think will be the next big advancement in science?

I personally think it'll be gaining a better understanding of the brain/consciousness or figuring out what dark matter and dark energy are. What do you think?

  • I think it will either be something astronomical or subatomic 

  • Nah, energy. Some form of nuclear power for mass adaption.

  • Hoping we can learn to control Gravity!

  • I'm curious, what do you mean by mass adaption?

  • That would certainly be awesome! Anything to get us closer to the Halo universe.

  • What big advancement do you think will be made? I'm thinking more like one discovery changing the way we live.

  • It's looking to me to be "Thought-Activated" computers, or "THACTS"... (The contraction of "THought and ACTivated.)

  • Understanding of the brain is really advancing on the past few years

  • Maybe a bit scary, but modifying human genetics!  Which has both great potential, and great risk.   Would bet that a country like North Korea would have no problem doing genetic modification testing directly on humans,,,