Some questions about money.

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-What are the most important aspects or priorities in life that needs money spending in your opinion? and why?

-What are the aspects in life that you consider not important and you can cut their funds easily when you need to?

-Lastly what are the best ways to make money not by investing money in your opinion?

  • Basic needs for spending include food (that you prepare at home; going out is a luxury); Rent or Mortgage (You need a place to stay, and can save money by living with a friend, or staying at home and paying less rent), And transportation ( If you live close to school or where you work, you don't need an expensive car, maintenance and insurance. Walk, Bike, or take public transportation to save the most.)    Eating Out for lunch, Dinner and Breakfast is an unnecessary spend. (Just a coffee at Starbuck can cost you $5 a day...  That adds up)  Going out for drinks is a lot more expensive than inviting friends over and drinking your own beer, wine, etc...  

  • Apart from the basic necessities -- food, shelter, clothing , transportation, healthcare --we prioritize retirement (younger you are, the easier), education/profession development (ourselve then kids)

    We live pretty close to the bone. But when we cut back, it's on enterteinment, food (we rarely dine out anyway), & impulsive purchases.

    As for making money, it comes down to goods or services. Have you something to make/sell or a service to provde that people want to pay you for? Finding ways to monetize a skill can be tricky, even harder without the investment of time & money for promoting it. 

  • People often cheap out on things essential to their health and well being. I would not cheap out on quality of food, cleanliness of environment, and things that help me in my every day life. 

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    for sure in times of high inflation and unemployment people should abandon the expensive choices especiallywhen they can meet their needs anyway. Thumbsup

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    wise answer , thanxThumbsup

  • Paying yourself as in setting apart money into investments as a necessary expense.

  • balance and peace are important also being able to look at myself in the mirror most of all GOD 

  • Food, shelter, and transportation are the priorities.

  • Beyond basic necessities, I think it's worth it to spend money to experience life like education and travel that expand your exposure to different aspects of life.

  • Honestly eating out & media expenditures are your luxuries .