Tips On Connecting with your Professors

1. Show that you’re interested in the subject. This doesn’t mean you have to have perfect grades and flawless work, but that you’re showing genuine interest in the content. Showing up to class on time, being respectful to not just the professor but the other students as well. Another key part is to have thoughtful discussions and questions.

2. Office Hours. Having that one-on-one time is important, especially if your professor has many or large classes. Set yourself apart from others and attend your professor’s office hours for help on assignments or just to seek advice.

3. Show interest in not just the coursework, but your professor’s work as well. Many professors will have research outside of class and areas of expertise. Some may even come to the class looking for assistance with their research. Ask them about it, and if they do need assistance, offer to help them out.

4. Do your work. While perfect grades may not define you as a student, they show how interested and motivated you are in the class. Complete assignments on time and study hard. These are the things that professors can comment on when writing letters of recommendation.

5. Keep in touch, even after you’ve finished their class. If it was a class in line with your major, this can be easier than for classes that are outside of your major. Going back to your professor and asking question or seeking advice can help if your new professor isn’t helping. This can introduce you to connections outside of school, and keep you in your professor’s mind when it’s time for letters of recommendation.

Above all, don’t be afraid to reach out. It can be a daunting task but the payoff is worth it. Professors are there to help, to teach and to give advice. There aren’t many professors out there that will refuse questions or just a talk.

  • Great tips! And most incredibly I would say that keeping in touch is the most important one. 

  • These are great ideas.  THough I seldom visited my professors when I was in College...  Forming a good relationship can really help when job hunting and looking for references!

  • You might also consider asking a professor for advice about a personal project related to the course or their work.

  • Tips like these are even more important when taking classes online, where you might not have the opportunity to learn from your professor face to face. Great ideas!

  • Excellent tip. 

    In my experience, professors have been very approachable, even eager to meet with students. Even students who are not majors or show dissinterest can fin quality time, should they be open to advice & dialouge. 

  • Great advice....Forging relationships in college can help with your education, but can also prepare you for your future in your career.

  • If anything make sure you get your money worth of tuition fee paid from networking with professors and peers.

  • This is so valuable! It really pays off to develop relationships with professors!

  • Solid advice, professors show the same interest in you that you show in them in almost all cases.