How do you think COVID will reshape education moving forward?

2020 gave rise to remote learning in an unprecedented way.

Due to COVID, more teachers, students, and parents experienced the process of Remote Learning than ever before.
How do you think the past two years will reshape the future of education?

Students and Teachers - Do you think remote learning will become a more regular practice?
Or is the in-classroom experience too important to pass up on?

Parents - do you hope to see more or less online learning in your child's future?

  • LA tecnologia y estilo ya vino par aquedarse, todos debemos adaptarnos más rápido y a hacer los cambios que se tengan que hacer dentro de nuestra svisas y hogares.

  • I do not think COVID has done anything positive on education. Totally disrupted routines and fearsome days. 

  • Online education will become more acceptable.

  • I do believe remote learning has gained a strong foothold towards future learning. It allows us to work where we live, both for learning on our own time, and working at jobs, to help pay for things. It is also an amazing opportunity for the non traditional student who possibly have a family, to be hundreds of miles away from the school, and still earn a degree. 

  • I am afraid.  This COVID might hurt me....  kill me.  I quit.  Thus education systems must adjust for more remote, more hybrid, fewer educators.  Changes will lag the needs. The people, systems and tools aren't ready.  Investment uncertain.

  • I think it's important for small children to go to class in order to develop social skills early on. Later, it would be good to have a hybrid system in order for them to adapt and be responsible enough to lead remote positions in the future.

  • COVID really forced people to think more about less social, I think remote learning is great and will become more regular. Besides it is a safer option for children. They can still socialize with friends at home.

  • I don't think online learning will be a regular practice. I think it just means no more snow days unfortunately for the kids. I say this because of the requirements to perform such a thing. You need a good computer, good wifi, and supervision if you are young. It places a burden on low-income parents. Online learning has its place, but I don't think it is mainstream. 

  • Remote learning was a disaster! At least for little kids. My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and the kids not only came back with behavioral and authority problems making teaching even MORE difficult but also they cannot even read nor decider all there letters things that should've been done in previous grades! Parents dropped the ball and I'm blaming just the length and level of fatigue they went through and no accountability. Teachers only had so much control which was practically none and towards the ends I think everyone kinda threw up their hands. But in the end the kids suffered and now we have an entire generation that'll be low and or behind... forever. I remember being absent for multiplying/dividing fractions and I never felt I recovered; imagine years!

  • We can only hope that schools can remain open and that we can regain what we once had. Children need to learn about socializing outside the home. I think school from home was a disaster. Parents cannot afford to stay home to teach or supervise home schooling. Let's hope things get better.