Body Doubling

"Body doubling or parallel working is strategy used to initiate and complete tasks, such as household chores or writing and other computer tasks. It involves the physical presence of someone, virtual presence through a phone call, videotelephony or social media, with whom one shares their goals, which makes it more likely to achieve them." -  Wikipedia

 Body doubling is why people often want to type and work in public. It is often associated with ADHD.

Do you do this? Does it help? Do you want me and others to gently pressure you to finish that project you have been saying you want to do for years? An encouraging nudge. A pseudo deadline to hold yourself more accountable so you don't disappoint yourself anymore?

I'm here waiting for you.

  • I have seen this work at my university. There are this "writing retreats" where everyone connects to the same Zoom session for a certain amount of time and you know you'll be working on your writing (whatever you need to write). I haven't tried it myself but some people like it.

  • Yes, it's true! If you have a partner to do same or similar things together, it's more likely you both will complete it. The two could be working on their own thigs but working together in the same environment, talking about while they are working... This concept is applied in my work environment, not just at home.

  • I like having a twitch stream on as I work

  • Seems good for someone who requires a personal trainer or life coach, not for those who are self-starters. Did not know about the association with ADHD.

  • you need to say this all again, not sure what you mean.

  • Tbh it's helpful to be in a area with likeminded people trying to achieve a goal like studying or working because it helps you compartmentalize work and leisure spaces, but places like Starbucks and busy random places like malls, I've never understood. 

    Iirc if you study in a similar environment to how you would take tests ( quiet, no distractions, time limit) then you will do better on tests, but nowadays ppl like to multitask everything for efficiency, which unfortunately decreases the quality of whatever you are doing 

  • This is a new term to me as I have never heard of before. It seems like it is something pretty common we all do though.  For example sometimes I will have a livestream up in the background while doing another task, or leave music running while I do something else

  • This is a new discovery for me.

  • Probably works for some people but not for all depending on your personality traits

  • Although the term seems new, isn't the concept basically the same as something like a study group, writers group, or book club? Sounds just like any other kind of support group.