What's an AI tool that you currently use or are planning to use for your workflow?

Could be tools like copilot, gemini, chatgpt, or any other AI application that could boost productivity.

copilot is a tool I use, brings a more in-depth answer to the general questions I have, and is built into windows

Any reasons for choosing the specific tool(s)?

  • I am not sure, but I am looking forward to using AI a lot in the near future.  

  • ChatGPT as an assistant debugger.

  • i've been using chatGPT to get ideas about texts. 

  • I appreciate how commonly ChatGPT is used professionally to streamline the writing process for everyday tasks such as email - it is amazing how quickly it has been normalized

  • I've tried copilot for a lot of stuff and it works really well, I wouldnt say it was so productive but it is still a good starter

  • I use ChatGPT. I have tested Gemini, but it's just inferior. Copilot is even worse! 

  • AI will be of benefit to me with post editing photos that are out of focus.

  • I've tried chatGPT for ideas on how to improve my writing

  • Lately Chatgtp is doing better for me with spreadsheet questions.

  • I just don't use AI. I see no upside in substituting someone else's view points for my own. It's the lazy way out.