If you are not art user, Do you really need active stylus for laptop?

I had a yoga with active stylus. I thought I would use it a lot to take notes for courses, projects etc., but it actually not as much as I expect. I do really like the touch screen. This also happen to my friends who bought iPad pro and apple pencil, hardly use it on class. The most use case is drawing doodles for fun. Smile cat

  • I also have a stylus for my Yoga 9i, but honestly haven't really used it very often. I like having it so I can always have the option to do so though.

  • I think the same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Note phones.   I am using an old Note 9.   Only time I use the stylus is when my daughter wants to draw.

  • The stylus is not just for art, the stylus has some other uses and it can improve your productivity, and your work.

  • Think an active stylus is largely superfluous, except in rare times when one would like to sketch or doodle, or else have a guest who would like to do same for entertainment.

  • We have a stylus for our 2 surface laptops and we hardly every use it since neither one of us is an artist.  I'd say no, you don't need it unless you use it for art creation.

  • Stylus is for fine motor control. Art and applications where you need to be precise are the only reasons for it. Fingertips will do fine for almost everything on a touchscreen.

  • Drawing is great!!

    It's also good for math equations!!

    And mockups! 

  • Occasionally, I need to fill in or sign a PDF. So there are some use cases where I need it.

  • I've been using an iPad and pencil for taking notes in my math classes, and weirdly enough when I go back to my non-touchscreen laptop I move to try and touch things when I KNOW that has never been an option. Really interesting muscle memory reaction.