Looking back, are higher level classes worth it?

I know during high school we said to ourselves and our peers, “these classes don’t really matter, why are we stressing ourselves out and making it harder?” 

“It’s not going to matter in the future anyway” 

Having said this, do AP or IB classes matter, besides allowing us to get credit for college? 

Even in college, I heard people say that taking those didn’t matter since we’re all in the same college. I agree to a certain extent, but comparing my own experiences and my ability to analyze content material quicker than my peers, I feel it did help. 

Even in high school, having taken AP courses and IB courses, although they were both scaled the same, IB was so much more difficult and demanded so much more analyses and understanding. Maybe we don’t realize it, but these courses probably allowed us to learn things and think in certain ways, understand things in different ways. Even when we don’t realize we’re using those skills derived from those courses, we automatically just do so. It’s ingrained in us. 

I just found it super interesting. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter!

  • My HS didn't offer AP courses that I could take. But if you can get them out the way at the high school level, then it would be nice to not have to pay for them and then take classes that you actually are interested in or that can contribute positively to your GPA. 

  • They can be worth it if you plan ahead by knowing what you want to do and which credits will go towards your next degree vs those that will not transfer or do not count towards the requirements to attain that next degree.

  • it was a long time ago but my AP's let me grduate college in 3.5 years instead of 4. Saved a ton of money.

  • Yes totally in the long run

  • Ooo same, graduated college a semester early

  • I think these classes matter for college resumes and schlorships and requirements  of study.