Younger Self

What advice would you give to your younger self?

  • Keep moving forward, one step after the other. Never give up never surrender. 

  • Do a lot of research in choosing a major field of study, in terms of careers.

  • Don't party before you turn 30. Work hard and save money!!

  • Don't get stuck. On various things - chasing a perfect outcome after the time has passed, with people, any goal, really. Especially when things are going poorly. Don't stop or wait around. Time and everyone else won't wait, so you can't afford to either.

  • Follow your passion instead of the money! 

  • Take risks and fail a lot more while you're young!

  • Stay focused on the task at had. Keep moving forward 

  • I would tell my younger self to apply yourself more and focus.

  • Don't be afraid to fall/fail!

    Hard work pays off!

  • Pick up the Bible sooner.