Do you have time for hobbies?

If so, what is the hobby for which you consistently set aside some time?

How does your hobby help your balance student life with personal life?

  • I consistently set aside time for "just messing around" with open source software like various linux distros and the sort since I like to play with things in order to understand them later on; I thus also tend to adapt some of the methods, tools, etc. for my own purposes later on since it is truly a fun - albeit challenging! - thing to design the tools you will use. This also naturally plays over into mathematics, dungeons and dragons, and more stuff I do.

  • Super unique! Any favorite programs that you've been able to experiment with?

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  • Currently my favorite programs to play around with would have to be Lutris, PlayOnLinux, Virtualbox, and similar. 

    Virtualbox taking the cake since virtual machines are extremely fun to mess with - e.g. using them to have Kali, Windows 10, and Whonix inside, say, Ubuntu or Windows 10 or whatever else - for, say, using Kali for the pentesting tools, Windows for Office, etc., and Whonix for anonymity-requiring stuff. 

    That and if you want to, say, go to a sketchy website and not worth about viruses getting on your main machine (in my case curiosity being why, the sort) they'll be confined to the virtual machine [for the most part] instead if and when they do happen. 

    When it happens: it's as easy as deleting the machine and reinstalling whatever OS on a new one.