How do you like to take notes?

I'm usually a pen + paper/notebook person when it comes to notetaking. But I've slowly transitioned from a tablet/laptop notetaking format that's handy for editing. There's also recordings I've seen students use, via voice recording for example. 

Which method do you use? Only 1 method? Or a combination of several? 

  • I've used a paper notebook in the past, but recently I just type a lot of notes in word. I use word for notes from study materials as well as lectures, and I typically make one notebook each week and just divide the sections up based on each resource so I can return to what was covered.

  • Just old-fashioned pen and paper, by force of habit.

  • I'm mostly pen and notebook or voice recording. The apps that turn handwritten notes into typed ones are kinda nice though.

  • I generally take make notes by handwriting. Partly because my typing is appalling, full of typos, and extremely slow.
    I write faster than I type.
    Also, I remember more of the material when handwriting than when typing. Apparently, that is quite common. 

    I have never used voice recording. Though it sounds very useful because it would let you concentrate on understanding the lecture/ the material, and then you could make notes from the voice recording later.

  • The mighty pen and on note

  • I used to prefer paper but lately I have been using the computer so I can search through faster.

  • I've transitions from notebook and pen to phone/tablet/laptop using a cloud-based solution so they're always available to edit

  • I've used a combination of pen on Android tablets and typing in OneNote.

  • I still prefer the paper notebook 

  • Pen an paper, transfer to OneNote for retention.