Doodling for Attention

Does anyone else need to draw small things mindlessly to pay attention? The controlled distraction has been shown to improve cognition, attention, recall and concentration compared to people not using this strategy.

Doodling can keep you from zoning out in meetings - CNET

  • I have done it many times!

  • I always do this, many times it’s unintentional 

  • My old notes were full of them, some days the lecturing can just be soul numbing.

  • I have found that this helps people with ADHD. It really helped me in high school, normally i couldn’t stay still, but while doodling, i could easily pay attention. 

  • Unfortunately, do it all the time also.  Mine my my notes look very unorganized.

  • I definitely do this while I'm on phone calls, very interesting research!

  • No idea if I need to do it, but I sure do it!

  • Haven't tried it but maybe I should start to keep awake!

  • I never have tried this.  It's Counterintuitive to me.  But great if it really works for you!

  • Sometimes, but glad to see it helps with concentration. Sometimes the meetings can drag on hahaha