What's your biggest challenge about going back to in person learning?

Barcelona Code Academy Opens Technology Careers to Migrant and Refugee Students
What's your biggest challenge about going back to in person learning?
Many areas of the world are (carefully) returning to in-person learning, after an extended amount of remote education.
That's a BIG change for many students and teachers who have come to expect online learning as the new norm.


What are you most excited about?
What has the process been like so far for you?
  • I enjoyed remote education myself and I hope that in the near future, more opportunities can be available to educate students remotely.  

  • Thats a good point that you brought up.

  • Meeting friends in person is always nice! Getting to know the friends you've made virtually in person, getting to hang out and do activities together! Its been a tough transition, as the long commutes and the traffic was nicely avoided during virtual learning!

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