Pen for screen writing/drawing on Lenovo Yogi 7i


For any students taking courses like organic chemistry or biology, do you recommend using a sort of pen to write on the screen for structures and note-taking? The yogi can be used as a tablet, so I thought it might be more convenient to just draw straight on my laptop rather than on paper. The yogi 7i is pretty large so I don't know if it'd be too much. If you use a pen, which do you recommend? would much appreciate any guidance from fellow students on this!

  • I've used the yoga pen for functions other than writing. That said, it seems to me that unless you have very good hand/eye coordination the pen may prove ineffective for taking notes.

  • I have the yoga pen (whichever one lenovo recommended, not sure which—sorry!) and I've used it in online science labs and such for some basic drawings, plus on homework, etc., but not specifically for taking notes. Hope this helps!

  • I don't have a Lenovo Yogi, but I can say that the pen for the iPad is really impressive and a game changer. So if Lenovo managed to implement something similar with the yoga pen, that would be awesome.

  • I do not have a Lenovo Yogi 7I but I can see that a pen for screen writing/drawing would be a plus!

  • Lenovo digital pen # 4X81C66286 is very compatible with the yoga 7i and offers a variety of features(listed below) 

    Hope this helps 

    Features and specifications:

    • Diameter 9.5mm;
    • Paper Like Writing;
    • Anti-Accident Clicks;
    • Configurable Button;
    • 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity;
    • Palm rejection
    • Length: 140 mm
    • Diameter: 9.5mm
    • Weight: 0.017Kg
    • Packed Dimenisons: 7.87*3.15*1.18 mm
    • Packed Weight: 0.08KG
    • Minimum Operating Temperature: 5°C
    • Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°C
    • Minimum Relative Humidity (%): 30%
    • Maximum Relative Humidity (%): 80%
  • I second the Lenovo digital pen great for those subjects that require more flexibility than text like math.

  • You have to go and test out the tech. Some designs work, some don't. I lot depends on how your hand contacts the screen when using the pen to write or draw. Again, you have to go test the item you want to buy in person. Only way to be sure it works for you.

  • My Yoga 9i came with a pen and it's been useful, so I would assume a pen for a Yoga 7i would also be useful as well.

  • I have no direct experience, but am interested.  Maybe this link will help some?

  • I would also like to know; I currently have a Thinkpad L13 Yoga for work; it comes with a stylus that isn't too bad, but I know it could be better.