What will teacher appreciation look like this year?

What are some ways that parents and students can celebrate teachers in 2020?

  • I realize this post is a year old, but I feel like it deserves a reply! I have 3 children in school. My Mom works within the school district, and my sister is a teacher in another district who went from in person teaching to being an online teacher for 2020. The things I have seen my kids' teachers and my family adapt to in 2020, and even into 2021 deserves the most celebration possible! I think the best way we can celebrate them, is to give them grace. Be appreciative, be respectful, and realize that they are navigating uncharted waters and doing so in a way that keeps kids engaged and comfortable. Show them compassion and thank them. They are doing an amazing job in a difficult time.

  • Never too late to reply! And this question is still as relevant today as it was 12 months ago Slight smile great perspective! My sister is also a teacher, I have nothing but respect for teachers who have adapted to the many challenges over the last two years.