Hello fellow students,

      How is everyone doing today, how is everything going in school so far? Can’t wait to connect with all of you guys. Have a great night and stay healthy. 

Your friend,


  • One of my classes is a 2 month remedial course. It's almost done. The others classes are going into midterms soon. It's hard work and I feel happy that it's almost over. Any tips for studying or keeping up with homework? 

  • Doing great! School is a bit stressful, but I think we will all make it through :)

  • I GRADUATED!!!  Taking a break before pursuing a Ph.D.

  • I can't believe it but, this is the first year all the kid's like going to school and there grade's show it, all A's and B's.

  • Hello there! Busy with work, always learning new things and absorbing industry knowledge! Take care!

  • The best Ice breaker is the built in common interest such as join a club or team etc.

  • Everything is going well. Long time since I graduated but always want to learn new things.

  • Have graduated, but am still a student; and learning new things.   I think that one key to a happy life is to try and learn something new every day.  It may not be a huge thing, but you can stillstrive to learn something  new and different every day.  Saw a PBS documentary about the Americal Buffalo (Bison?); And never knew the whole history of haw fast we (Eurpoeans, Americans, and Native Americans) all contributed to almost eliminating a Species that once coverd 2/3's of the USA..  Kind of a sad story..  And we still have not learned.

  • Hello, and welcome. All is good so far.

  • School and life are very stressful but we have to persevere. It won't always be tough, but we have to show we can handle the tough times too.