New Here. (Introductory Post & October Giveaway Mention)


Allô, everyone. I’m Foxxy (she/they). I hope everyone is well. I’m 39 and currently trying for my Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. I worked right out of high school, but ever since the pandemic hit, finding work has been a challenge, so I decided to try for my degree at the beginning of the year. Going back to school after so long with only being diagnosed last year with ADHD has really presented a whole new list of challenges that I never imagined I’d have to face. Regardless, my grades aren’t what they were in high school, but I’m plugging along and I’m gonna keep trying. I’ll get back to that flippin’ A/B grade status someday soon.

I know school is tough, and so is life, no matter how old you are, so just remember that if I’m still kicking, I know you can do it. 

As for the giveaway: It would be nice to win the giveaway to have a better computer than what I have now. 

ETA: Giveaway ended. Congratulations to the winner. Black heart

  • Hey Foxxy, welcome to the Lenovo EDU forums :D 

    Quite a few similarities here as I'm also trying to go into Cybersecurity. I started at a community college first and had to pause due to the pandemic, I'm hoping to resume this Spring so I can finally get my associates at least :) 

    My grades haven't always been the best too and I relate to a lot of informational media surrounding ADHD. I'm getting a new doctor soon who can hopefully help point me in the right direction to see if I actually have it.

    Good luck to you in your educational journey! 

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, Kelie. We’ll make our goals. We just have to keep remembering that progress is not linear. Black heart

  • Oh! My post is suddenly getting attention today. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to visit. I wish you all the best. Black heartFox

  • Congratulations for making the effort to get a college degree and change your career/life goals at 39.    You've got a long life ahead of you for continued learning and growth.

  • welcome on in to the community Foxxy 

  • Sounds like a great industry to be getting into these days.