The balance of Playtime.

How you manage work school and playtime? How you Balance all?

  • We use the calendar to manage the time from work, school, playtime, and other activities.

  • Having a planner for your day is helpful, especially for someone like me who tends to procrastinate easily. I find that I need structure to do well in both.

  • Having a planner seems to work well.

  • Reassessing regularly.  But most importantly starting my day out in the Bible, prayer, writing about God.  Seek first God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.

  • thanking. life as a college student is stressful. The way I manage it all comes down to the calendar on my phone and thanking God.

  • I am not currently in college. But when I was, I had to work full time or almost full time (depending on the class schedule) to, well, be able to pay the rent  and live. So I did not have any playtime.It was basically just classes, work, study and collapse into bed to sleep for a bit.

    If you do have the luxury of having enough time for play just use whatever works best for you. Whether that is marking it down on a calendar, setting reminders/notifications on your phone, alarms, or whatever. Different things work best for different people. Just make sure it does not take away too much time from necessary study time. (Or you are going to end up with only play time and no chance to study.)
    And since most people tend to retain more with multiple shorter study intervals instead of with marathon cram sessions it can help to do shorter study intervals  interspersed with shorter breaks/play time. Whether that is going for a walk, exercise, just doing something else you enjoy for a while.
    Best of luck.

  • I always set limits for myself to decompress and relax to avoid burnout. That could be going to a movie Popcorn sporting event or concert or something more quiet like a night in.

  • I use a calendar to keep up with important meetings, work, etc.

  • Making sure that your SchoolWork is done before play, will set you up for success in your real job when you graduate.  Finding ways to complete your work faster will allow you more time to play.  If you are lucky, some parts of your schiool work (And future real work) can feel like play if you have the right attitude, and the right job/subject.  

  • I block off some time on my calendar for both! It's all about developing those atomic habits.