Has anyone had a professor refuse to let you use a laptop in a class where you really should be allowed to use one?

Thankfully I haven't had any professors that don't let me use my laptop in classes, or at least in classes where it makes sense to use one. Part of that is probably because I'm a computer science major so using a computer is kind of needed for most of the classes. When I was in high school everything was done by hand, so it was a pretty big change.

I was wondering if anyone has had bad experiences with unreasonable professors not letting students use laptops in a class where it really should be allowed.

  • Is the teacher trying to avoid cheating on class assignments?

  • At my college everything is done through canvas, so I haven't even touched a paper assignment since high school. I'm also in the Info System Tech field so similar to your situation a computer is Maily needed for my major.

  • When I was in college I do recall a teacher here and there who would not allow/disapproved of students using laptops during the class.  I think it was more of them wanting to have you pay attention to them and not distracted behind a stream doing whatever. Then of course there were teachers who wouldn't allow it during tests etc (obviously for good reason/due to cheating lol) but that scenerio to me makes sense.  Generally most did not have any problem with it and tended to understand that majority were using it to type/take notes etc.

  • Never but that probably only makes sense for younger audience as college students and older should be mature enough to behave reasonably when using a laptop in class.

  • Never had this crop up, outside of during exams obviously.

  • I have not had this experience, what exactly was the reason you were not allowed to use a laptop in class.

  • No unreasonable professors, but I went to college before laptops were big especially in a college student's budget

  • No. Though at the time I was one of the only ones with a laptop (back in like 2008), handwriting for me was always a struggle, so a laptop for notes was much more efficient. 

  • I would guess that having the computer during a TEST/EXAM could allow cheating...  Unless the professor had a bluetooth, and wifi jamme.  LOL   Also if students are playing games or chatting during class, that is a distraction both themselves and to other students.   

  • I assume there is a reason behind that; nowadays students need their device to accomplish many daily tasks,  including taking notes in class and searching for examples and such.