FAFSA is changing

They are trying to make everything easier and more accessible, especially Pell Grants.

Notable changes-

1 Contributor may need to participate, spouse or stepparent (controversial, not everyone has good steps. might make things harder)

2 Federal tax info transferred directly to form. Gov already knows everything they need to know. Making it easier

3 Consent & approval for that tax info transfer is required. Can't do it without permission (but they still already know)

4 Applicant and contributors all need an account

5 Once you start the process, you can always check the progress on the website

6 After completing, you can send your info to up to 20 schools

They say they want to spread the word. The YT channel has many more videos if you need more info.


  • I haven't messed with FAFSA in so long, so this is really interesting. Even more interesting that you can (and would want to) send it to 20 schools! Pretty sure I applied to maybe 2 or 3 schools before I was a freshman-- those application fees start racking up quick. 

  • Seems like an improvement from before, good to see changes to the system. FASFA applications being more streamlined and the progress status on the website seems like a good start, along with applying up to 20 schools!

  • A lot of these have been around for the last 5 years or so; have there been more major changes this year?

  • I am glad they made changes to hopefully make it easier to apply and receive grants. This will make a huge difference, especially for families that are often intimidated by these applications.

  • Thats good! Thanks for sharing the info!

  • Great that you are trying to help everyone understand these federal studeny grants and how to apply for them.   FAFSA wasn't even a thing when I went to school.

  • This seems like its going in a positive direction I feel like there still needs to be some changes with these systems to take some stress off the students.

  • Will never be easy lol.

  • I think making applying/ finding financial assistance for college easier for is a good idea.  (Especially as expensive as it can get.)
    And the ability the ability to check progress is nice.

  • The large number of schools you can send it too is a plus. Otherwise not so much.