Time Management Strategies & Tips?

I'm interested to hear the community's tips and strategies for time management. Do you use an app? Do you have a schedule? How do you balance time spent in different areas of school/life?

  • In being an elementary teacher it is very difficult to balance school/life at times.  I usually spend my work week lesson planning, and grading papers, etc and I make sure to take the weekends off and do something fun for example bike riding. 

  • I usually break my studying down into halves to avoid information overload.

  • You have to find ways to keep you on task. If I like going on TikTok I will use an app to block it while I am busy.

  • It depends on the kind of tasks you have. I like to assign regular things I have to do that day and what are the special assignments that needs to be done. Everything else is extra and get a slot if I manage to get to it and it's something important for future days.

  • Wow good content!