Highest Degree Goal

What would be the highest degree you would like to accomplish while in college?? 

  • I would like to work my way up to a doctorate. But I'm not sure where I want to focus yet.

  • What would be your major in college? I believe there is a PhD/Doctoral in that very focus study. 

  • There was a time I wanted to get a doctorate in some insane field that makes no sense but I went broke just getting a bachelor's lol

  • My career goals don't require anything beyond a bachelors, but I would love to get a second bachelors to expand the scope of my knowledge.

  • What would be your major in your second bachelors degree?

  • Bachelor's is already too common, I think at least a Master's to stand out out of school, PHD is too much time and effort. After 2-3 years of proven working experience degree doesn't matter anymore.

  • I'm currently well into a PhD program and I think I'd stay a student forever if I could.

  • As high as you can go, without taking on a huge amount of debt. Debt will follow you for a long time. My daughter worked as hard as she could all through college, working weekends, nights, taking side jobs, living on cup-a-soups....and she still has about $40,000 debt as a Special Education teacher with a Master's.  So, always weigh how much education you need to work in your chosen field, vs. how much debt you are comfortable with. Good luck!