Highest Degree Goal

What would be the highest degree you would like to accomplish while in college?? 

  • #1 - Never stop learning.

    #2 - Aim for the terminal degree in your field of interest - PhD or professional degree - being realistic about costs in time & money & overall well-being.

    #3 - Specialize within that field - fellowships, internships, research, publish, etc. 

    #4 - Nurture  your soul along the way, maybe find a hobby, ancillary interest, or unrelated interest to divert your mind & heart. 

  • Hard to say. Computer science because it would be helpful for my career. Philosophy/biology because I think they're interesting. There are probably better ways to learn so I don't break the bank.

  • Maybe, the focus shouldn't be so much on getting a degree, as on actually learning everything you can about a subject.  That doesn't necessarily mean pursuing that object through a school's degree system.  Think outside the box.

  • Master Sensei Pray I hope that when in the next phase I can look back and at all the people who ate my dust. Lol ok okay. Look back and know that there is at least one someone who knows  there is a sincere and truly caring person. To be able to stand in that gap and be breathing proof that everything they've begun to lose hope for does exist. Maybe it's Not everyone has ulterior motives or yeah you are kinda odd and eccentric and probably too much for most people but that still doesn't make you alone or a bad kind of "weird" it just means that you ain't McDonalds something one size fits all and had by everyone. You're more home cooked, seasoned and prepared and most people dont like it, or "it's not bad but" but to those who belong at the table there ain't nothing better. So you are not without home, it just takes a little longer for us to find family. And when you do they love you back just as much as you've been giving and finally you ain't left empty when you pour into another cuz honey they been pouring back into you. (Subtext is getting a little thick here. Creamy too)  Truth is I LOVE I.T. and Cyber Security. But that's what I strive to learn. What I want to do, what I wish to become, now don't leave me when you hear this because it's gonna seem super corny, yes cheesier than your McDouble McLovin, I want to be a hero. Yes. Interesting position because one cannot name themselves hero, it is a title that must be bestowed. So, good luck to you all and Have a good morning.

    Oh, and in case I don't see you 'Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight'

  • School doesn't make the student ShrugShrug tone1

  • This makes me picture you lika Robin as Patch Adams. Lol

  • I'm trying for my Master's Degree.

  • at first it was masters

  • I have my Educational Specialist Degree in Administration and I would like to go for my Ph.D. maybe someday.