Problems with studying

Former M.
Former M.

-What are the most common problems that face students and lower their studying efficiency in your opinion? 

-Also if you have a personal experience please tell us Hugging

  • Distraction and time mismanagement.

  • When education is not prioritized over other obligations & activities. 

    Learning issues, like reading comprehension & analytical capabilities.

    Life issues, including home life, poverty & other hardships, etc.

  • Unlimited access to screen time is a major distraction in my opinion.

  • Other activities (gaming, tiktok, sports), and Parents don't prioritize education and don't praise kids for learning/studying.

  • My most common problem is cramming. I wish I would give myself more time.

  • Lack of planning and inability to focus

  • distractions are  pain lock your phone up

  • When I was a yougn studen, decads ago, there were so many distractions & responsibilites to sap time. Today's students must endure even more.

  • Distractions mostly. Internet, phone, gaming

  • low attention spans.