For preparing for a test, what methods do you find the most effective to learn and retain new information?  

  • I like creating powerpoints and deleting the slides I remember.

  • I need compete silence . and repeat keywords to myself 

  • Go through the summarized notes that I personally made.

  • Reading books and working assigned problems.

  • You can use ChatGPT to create flashcards and to quiz you with sample test questions.

  • I like your suggestion for creating PowerPoints!  Thank you!

  • Reordering all information into chronological order or mnemonic devices

  • Write your own summary of the main aspects and doing some practical questions and exercises 

  • I've always found flashcards and doing infinity number of practice problems until I'm able to get it right every time the most effective for me. But what works for me might not work for you! I've seen other students re-read the material or go to office hours to best retain new info!