I want to study abroad but i am afraid from the language challenge i want some advices for this matter.

i want some advices for this matter.

  • Be brave and do it! Immerse yourself and you will learn the language in no time. Good luck!

  • I have a very poor memory for languages.   But. even I have been able to learn enough to get by...   Where do you plan to go?  Some languages are much tougher to learn.   Languages like Chinese and Thai have "tones"  that change the word "ma" from either meaning Mother, or Horse, or a few other things.  LOL   Anyway, I would recommend getting software that will allow you to practice speaking.  AND you need to find someone to speak that language with.  And Immerse yourself in that language for a few weeks.   (i.e. don't use English for a few weeks!)  If you can't find a friend to do this with, there are coaches that can be hired for this.   Good Luck!  

  • I wouldnt let that hold you back. You'll pick up the language. People will make an effort to communicate.

  • Keep the end in mind. Your time abroad will be so much better experience should you have at least a basic fluency of the language. Maybe there's a native speaker availalable to you? 

  • Let go of your fear! Most people in other countries are happy to see foreigners give effort to learning their language, especially if they are earnest about it. 

  • I lot of study abroad programs are done in English, especially in Europe, and some in South America. You'll still want some working proficiency, but it's not a big deal. Being a native English speaker in the west has a lot of advantages.

  • I say get out of your comfort zone and just do it because the longer you wait the less likely you are to go through with it, just use a translator and immerse yourself in the language at least enough to get by.

  • don't overthink! you may end up learning the language but overall putting your through that will make you grow 

  • Hi Martin M. 
    That is a great question, studying abroad is a great learning experience. As long as you know which country you want to study at you will have a general idea of what the main language is that is spoken there. That way you can start a little side prep work for yourself, use Duolingo, it's a free app all you gotta do is make an account and study at least 5 minutes a day. At least you can get down some of the basics before you go. By then you will be able to have simple communication with native speakers. Usually when you try to speak to someone in their own mother tongue they are quite delighted to speak back with you and help coach you a little bit. Best wishes!

  • Just do it, it's best to learn a language with the locals. Additional with all the live translation app or translator devices nowadays, I think it's easier than ever before.