Note Taking

Does anyone have any recommendations on laptops or tablets that are good for taking notes in college? Thank you :)

  • I am a firm believer in taking notes by hand and then scanning them and converting to text for storage. I seem to retain things better this way and majority of others I talk to agree.

  • My friend just bought an iPad for taking notes and he is loving it

  • If it is just for note taking you could use an 8-inch tablet

  • iPad Air and Apple Pencil 2nd Gen are the most popular note taking gadgets for college students these days. You'll probably need to pay for a note taking app too because the default iOS Notes app is somewhat limited.

  • I like to do sketch notes to make them easier to remember so for me I just need an intuitive app that would let me use a stylus. 

  • My sone used his MacBook throughout college & grad school. Worked very well for his needs. 

  • Nothing I've tried so far beats apple pen w/ ipad.

  • iPad by far outclasses most tablets in the notetaking space but I have a preference of writing notes by hand as I can retain and recall information more efficiently whilst keeping it all organized. Blurting is my fav learning technique and it often helps to write AND draw everything I have in my head onto a piece of paper. I would suggest an iPad as a compromise still. especially with an apple pen.