Spring Break

Are you going anywhere for spring break? Where are you headed, what are your plans, and why did you choose your destination?

  • I'm looking forward to Spring Break to spend some time getting my backyard ready for the summer. I would like to go somewhere but not sure if I'll have the budget. Would love to travel to one of my two bucket list destinations: San Lucas or Belize.

  • home to be with family

  • Home. Getting ready for next semester.

  • Never could afford to go anywhere on Spring Beak.  Had to work and save just to pay for college.  

  • Unfortunately, I am working this spring break. Hope you enjoy it on my behalf! 


    Well... I'm in the process of selling my house.  If everything goes well, I should be moving out around the time that college students go on Spring Break.

    I would love to know where the kids like to go for Spring Break, these days.  Because I'd like to avoid all those places. :-)

    U-HaulThat's right, ladies.  This 24-foot U-Haul is all mine — for next 5 days.  It has AM and FM radio.  If you put your ear close enough to the speaker, you can almost hear the words to the song. lol 

  • I live on a 52 acre farm. I'm out on in everyday, and will be so this spring. I might not go far in a body sense, yet my mind goes further! Enjoy Spring! Everything changes, yet stays the same! 

  • I’ll be at home napping Zzz.

  • I'm looking forward to going to Nashville, probably going to buy some tech. I chose it because my family lives there which is what I'm really what I'm looking for.