Spring Break

Are you going anywhere for spring break? Where are you headed, what are your plans, and why did you choose your destination?

  •   , I always felt more like Ziggy Stardust. :-)

  • Didn't know that was him. Didn't you mention you were moving to Atlanta?


    To be clear, the song sounds familiar, I knew Bowie was Ziggy, did not know he sang it, any lyrics, or the title.


    For the people and culture, I'd love to move to Atlanta.  But, Atlanta's nickname is "Hotlanta".

    Does that sound like an option I'd choose?

    I've considered moving south.  All the way down to the southernmost places in Chile or Argentina.  As far south of the equator as Canada is north of the equator.

    And I don't mean like balmy Canadian locations — like Toronto and Vancouver.  I mean the places in South America that are cold like Winnipeg.  Like Sarmiento, Argentina.

    Unfortunately, they all look super dry — probably deserts.  Photos of Quellón, Chile look promising — with snow-topped Andes in the distance.  But, the Andes are extremely tall.  And they look extremely distant — 100 km away, maybe?

    Very tall things can see — and be seen from — "over the horizon".

    That's why (I think) Kanye thinks the world is flat.  He could see the skyscrapers of NYC from Bear Mountain.  According to oversimplified calculation, NYC is over the horizon from Bear Mountain.

    But, that calculation is for 2 locations at sea-level.  Not a mountaintop looking at the tops of skyscrapers.

    But, I digress. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  •   _

    It was either this or the Danny Mcbride cover. I think it's the right choice. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


    Incidentally... the last time I went on Spring Break — was years before that song released. lol

    But, I was living out on Long Island in 1998.  I think I went to Jones' Beach only twice that year.  If only that song had released in 1997... when I went to Jones' Beach so many times, that I got sick of it.

    I think 4th of July is what killed it for me.  We sat in the parking lot for an hour, waiting for our turn to leave the parking lot. smh

    Great fireworks show, though.  So... if you ever get the chance... don't.  Not unless you're leaving by boat or helicopter. :-)

  • Spring break great time to escape south away from winter cold!

  • Most likely working through it.