Productivity hack

Have found any way to optimize your working time? If so, what do you do? Have this allowed you to be able to spend more time in other activities?

  • Use time tracking app to analyze and optimize time usage

  • For me, I organize work by what can be done passively and done actively and see if I can set up the passive task, then do active task. For instance, I work in a lab so I set up for a machine to run a test while I prepare for hands on testing. 

    For broader optimization, having an organized work area is key to optimization. If you don't know where stuff is, You're wasting time 

  •  I usually watch one thing while listening to another. That way, I don't retain as much of either as I need to. It's important to look busy though.

  • I use AI to help with brainstorming.

  • Definitely turn off your devices while working, it really is a big distraction.

  • Not a "hack:, but...  Making a schedule and staying on it.  Doing the important things on your 'to do" list first, and as soon as possible; then doing your lower priority and recreational activities.   Stop wasting hours on facebook,  TikTok, etc   

  • I speed up youtube and other videos when I can so I get through more things faster. I find I lose attention and drift off less often with faster speech.

  •  Napoleon Hill - With great sacrifice comes great reward? -

  • i use time-wasting activities as a motivator. i.e. if i get my tasks done for the day i can waste time scrolling for 10 minutes, etc...