School subjects

 What subjects should be added/cut from the high school US curriculum?

  • Add: Economics.

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  • Cut subjects that are not being used in your Major.

  • i second the economics bit. Some basic finance as well. 

  • I would add:

    • Day to day financials and retire planning,.

    • Proper use of AI.

    • Programming Logic.

  • We desperately need a personal finance course that goes over credit cards, investment accounts, taxes, budgeting etc. I think that is needed more than almost any other class in American high schools. 

  • Yes. General adulting, taxes, understanding terms of service (especially credit cards, still not sure what APR is), investing, how to think critically about media (some people are starting to teach this,  should be everywhere), morality of using emerging tech, agriculture, advanced creative skills and innovation.

    Philosophy, contextual history beyond just memorizing dates and names. How to recognize historical patterns and movements and their similarity to current events. If kids learn that we can maybe break the cycle and grow as a people.

  • Taxes, car maintenance, computer science/data science should be added (if this is for high school)

  • When you say "the US curriculum" that is rather ambiguous since there is no such curriculum. Each state has their own curriculum and even so, each school district designs their own courses of studies. However, there are consistently 4 core subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and the rest are considered 'Electives." I would add "Finance" to make it a 5th core subject, instead of having these classes fall under "electives" or be taught in a non-required math class.

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    100% economics, understanding taxes and stuff like investments and retirement accounts is a huge leg up that wealthy people have over poor people. I wish I knew more about it so that I could have started earlier