Favorite Subject?

What was your favorite subject in High School and why?

Same thing for college?

My HS favorite subjects were Geometry, Trig, and Physics. I saw real-world applications for pretty much everything I learned in those classes.

In College, I really enjoyed my Physics classes (and SOME of the math classes) as well, even though i was going for Pre-Pharmacy studies. Chemistry and Bio were boring, but easy.

  • My favorite subjects were math and computer classes. They were the most fun for me.

  • My HS favorite classes were always math because those were easy for me. In college, my favorite classes were biology and technical writing. Most college classes were ok, except for Chemistry! I gave up my pre-pharmacy plan lol

  • My Favorite subject subject in college was Anthropology because this gave me a better understanding of life. 

  • Computer classes because it’s great

  • My favorite one was history! 

    It was amazing to learn how things changed over time!

  • My favorites were English literature and history, both subjects afford many critical insights into our culture, past and present.

  • Science, because of the fun lab experiments! 

    Math, because of its logic thinking process as long as you memorized the formulas. 

  • 3D animation because I have fun animating a character.

  • Math... Because I was good at it