Great Translator on browser and Windows, powered by OPEN AI

openai-translator      search it on Github and Chrome Web Store

  1. It offers three modes: translation, polishing and summarization.
  2. Our tool allows for mutual translation, polishing and summarization across 55 different languages
  • That sounds pretty cool!

  • How does it compare to the chrome embedded translator?

  • Have to try this. It would help so much at work

  • Wow, this is great.  I will try it out today!

  • Okay, that is neat. But when looking it up it only shows that it translates from English to French, Spanish, and Japanese?
    Still appreciate the Google Translator, which I use a lot for my language studies.

  • This could be so helpful!  I never knew there was such a thing!

  • is it proficient at distinguishing synonyms and homographs by using context? cause that is not something i can always understand in english

  • Here comes competition to Google translate, wonder how they do against each other.