Do you think laptops distract from studies?

Are laptops a distraction from studies, do to Internet access, or do they help? Do you prefer online textbooks or physical ones?

  • I think it all depends on the person. I am typically able to focus well using laptops and lock mainly on what I have to do. What I like is to mix the laptop with writing my own notes on a physical notebook or sheet of paper. Research shows that people typically learn better when they write their own notes and I find that to be true to my case.

  • Research shows that people typically learn

  • If you misuse your technology then nothing is going to help!

  • No, not really I think they help and actually I prefer physical textbooks then online textbooks I like to have the field with the page and turning the page with my actual fingers

  • I’m not distracted by laptops because they are necessary and convenient for information but I do prefer physical textbooks.

  • Anything can distract from studies, without discipline it will be something else if not the laptop

  • I always prefer a physical book over an online book. Although, I do like the convenience of storing eBooks since I have so many of them at this point.

  • It's not the tool, it's the person and environment. I think there's something to be said, perhaps, for better discipline and mindfulness with a laptop over time, because people tend to just sort of always have the laptop on them and become accustomed to using it for everything all the time. That could mean more and better studying, but it could also mean more distraction and not keeping things separated mentally. You don't decide to go to the desktop for a particular purpose; you are always near the laptop and become used to using it all the time for whatever purpose. Some people say that they prefer a dedicated office or room for work, because it helps keep spheres of life separate. I think, for some people, if they're not mindful, a similar thing could be said about computing. But as always, a bit of awareness solves the problem.

  • I think anything can be a distraction and if it's a matter of a distraction that has internet access, our phones with youtube and social media would be a much bigger distraction. Creating an environment that favors focus and minimizes your distractions (they'll never be zero if you let your mind wander apart from using a device) will help greatly. What works for one person may not work for others, but it is a worthwhile journey experimenting with what works.