Bullying and violence in schools

There is so much violence and bullying in school now that it is uncomfortable for students to attend school. They drop out the minute they turn 16. My grandson and my granddaughter both did because of bullying and violence. What can we do to change this?  As a retired teacher I am at a loss on what we can do.  Does it start at home?  Do we blame it on them or authority or us.  There is so much disrespect for authority.  Is it political?  I want to help make the change.  I taught math to the juveniles that were locked up.  There was much more respect for me in that juvenile jail than I know my peers had in public school.

  • Do you mean full physical bullying and fights or just cyberbullying, name calling, exclusion, etc.? Certainly not good to hear it's getting worse. I think you made a lot of good points about the origins. Politics on TV influences people. That creates a certain kind of toxic mindset that influences a home environment. Civilization is becoming less civil. Parents are told by media that some others are enemies. Kids hear the same ideas and it can be reinforced by the parents words and behavior. Peers further reinforce it. Social media detaches people from having to look someone in the eye while calling them names. Also gives victims more chances to "overhear" mean thoughts.

     Remember, the biggest toughest bullies often have their own problems at home. Probably abuse. Maybe learning disability.

    Help kids develop thicker skins and not take things personally. It really doesn't have anything to do with the victim. You can tell how to hurt people with the weapons they use. Insecure people grasping at social status by tearing others down. Bucket of Crabs. I don't think you can make bullies nicer other than punishment, group projects, role play, anything forcing them to see others as full people.

  • Violence and bullying in school has escalated dramatically since I was a victim long ago. Certain politicians have made it OK to openly express hatred, racism, and xenophobia. And it seems that person's followers are far more vocal than the other side. As chris h. mentioned, parents display that behavior, and it influences their children. 

    Perhaps what is needed is to separate out the "good kids", who are in school to get an education, from the "bad kids", the ones perpetrating violence and bullying. (Sorry for the labels, but I am unsure how to differentiate the two groups otherwise.) Maybe there should be classes on how to be more empathetic and understanding of others, if such a thing is possible. I think the "bad kids" may need more understanding, one on one time, and so forth.

    I am not a parent or educator, so these suggestions may be way off base. However, we have to start somewhere, the sooner the better.