Rise of AI - The New Age: How are you utilizing AI in Online teaching?

I am an educator and teach online Master's program at a University. Since last year, we have been incorporating AI in various ways at our department. 

I would like to know from all of you how are you utilizing AI in your day to day work, whether you are a student or teacher, leave your thoughts here, I would love to here the various innovative ways and tools people are utilizing. 

Also, a sort of broader question, where do you think we are headed in terms of academia/education with respect to AI by 2030?

  • I normally use it mostly for suggestions on how to write sentences/paragraphs after I have already a draft of what I want to say (not a native speaker). 

    I think we'll see AI being used more and more in learning settings. I think it'll have both its pros and cons. But as long as we use it as a complimentary tool and not as a substitutive tool (e.g., asking chatgpt to write an essay for you) it can have really positive impacts on efficiency and learning.  

  • I use AI for art, it assist and help to improve upon my art, I believe AI will assist an individual improve their work.

  • Chat GBT is very useful and getting better. By 2030 AI will have undreamed of possibilities.

  • My opinion is you should not use AI in your core education instruction. Teach the students how to think and then let them find their own ways to use this technology. If they can't think they won't know what to ask the AI to do.

  • I am NOT using it so far.  AI is not as reliable or as "intelligent" as it needs to be yet.

  • I am not using AI very much yet. It's really been just occasional use to generate a paragraph or an image.

  • I use AI to brainstorm ideas for my projects and writing.

  • Offline in reply to Jesus R.

    Art is definitely hugely affected by it.

  • I use ai for art and to also help me when I need the answer on something 

  • AI will be intergreted into all apps and programs in the future. Mainly for automation purposes, AI should be regulated in academia to prevent plagerizism