How do you stay focused when studying/working?

What helps you get into a flow with studying? 

Do you listen to music, or need dead quiet?

Sit at a desk, or get comfy?

Study solo, or with a group?

Let us know your go-to setup to help with focus!

  • The one way that I stay focused when studying/working is keeping incentives. For example, if I wanted to write a college essay AND workout on the same day, I would use the activity I want to do as an incentive to complete the other task I do not want to do. Thus, I would write my essay with this thought in my mind: ' if I complete this fast, I can go to the gym and have a nice workout.' This will force me to use all my focus to complete the essay in order to go to the gym. This helps me take my mind off of time wasters like social media or Netflix.

  • i like music.while travelling or in free time i listen a lot

    study solo while learning a new topic and discuss with group

    just remind the failure then we gets self motivated

  • This is a great idea! I'm gonna try to put this into practice!

  • Really great strategy, as mentioned Slight smile Plus you're "training your brain" to associate completing the hard task with a positive reward. I need to do more of this myself!

  • If I want to really get into learning - I have to think about my goal - being a real doctor. When I think about the thing that I want to become - I am much better at studying. And if I still can't concentrate, but I want my statement to be done - I use medical school personal statement editing service. People there are medical degree holders, and they can always help me with my statement.