AI impact on jobs

What jobs do you think are in immediate danger due to AI like chat gpt?

  • Lawyers, secretaries, anyone doing tedious paperwork exclusively, Chipotle and Starbucks are developing automated systems to replace their workers, writers, actors, anyone other than bosses and executives are replaceable for reasons that are unclear.

  • customer service type of jobs can be more easily replaced than the others but eventually pretty much every job can be (and will be) replaced by AI.

  • I think AI will create many new jobs that we can't imagine yet. I also think it's already created some new jobs like prompt engineer. However, more monotonous jobs may end up being replaced. I think there is time before it really can impact creative work but maybe it happens faster than I can imagine.

  • I've never been concerned with jobs being replaced by technology.  There are always other things to do to serve one another for pay.

  • Jobs that AI is most likely to replace include tech jobs, media jobs, legal industry jobs, market research analysts, teachers, finance jobs, traders, graphic designers, accountants, and customer service agents.

    • I think copyright writers and clerical jobs are in danger, manual labor blue collar jobs like road workers and home builders, plumbers. Etc will always be safe in my opinion.
  • AI has the potential to consume all jobs and eventually replace humans entirely.

  • While there may be specific people no longer employed due to AI, I don't think any career field will be abolished altogether (at least not immediately).  AI will still need to be supplemented by people and hopefully that will always be the case.  If implemented properly, AI will make people more productive rather than replace most of them.  The talk of everyone losing their job due to new technology has been a common concern throughout history and the human workforce has changed, but continues to exist.