Is a Paperless Future Realistic?

The pandemic has definitely pushed the paperless concept further along with most of the world relying on technology to communicate. Personally, I still want to have physical paper that I can access, read easily, and most importantly write on it. Perhaps I just don't have the proper technical tools to replace pen and paper. Wondering what other's thoughts are on what's the percentage of the future reaching 100% paperless in education and work. And in what year do you think we will reach the said mark?

  • I think we can reduce the amount of paper but not get rid of it entirely. Poorer countries with less resources will need more paper than advanced countries.

  • For sure, even now almost everything can be done without actual paper.  The current generation is being raised using tablets, computers, and smart phones; they are being brought up without the need for paper.   And yes, anyone can now file their IRS Taxes without using any paper; I have done that the last few years.  LOL

  • I don't see paperless ever reaching 100%. My company refuses to die daily retorts electronically,  and I'm betting many others will too not trusting in sure electronic backup to be reliable and off-site to be secure

  • To me i guess it depends but generally going electronic/paperless would be the way to go.  This would allow things to be completed/submitted quicker and things to easier to complete.

  • We already don't need it. Everything that requires paper is superfluous or inefficient. You may want it, but you should not need it.

  • Ask the IRS?  Maybe, maybe not.

  • In the larger cities maybe. But in rural area where there is the lack of internet access they still need to use paper.

  • We'll never go completely paperless. A lot of documents require a wet signature and government-issued certificates will probably always exist. 

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    You have really thought through the entire question, it's true, what happens if internet crashes, which is very likely. How will doctors treat their patients? Court files can't be replaced what if someone hacked the online account and "fixed" some stuff up. Both have and always will be needed regardless of whether we are living in the digital age, there will come a time we will see this.

  • I'll need to look into that technology. I'm guessing that there would need to be regulations or at least protection against signature "hacking" around that if it was to go mainstream.