What Makes a Great Study Space?

Give us your definition of a great study space, including all the details!

  • A great study space is not a physical thing.  It is inside your head.  Many places are good for studying.  Ya just need the tools, the problem and a piece of time.  Great progress can be made in 10 minutes.   Focus... and Just DO IT!!

  • A quiet area, clean desk, and a clear head. 

  • I would say a study place wouldn't be a specific location, but the fulfillment of a set of requirements to maintain consistent focus. For me, if good lighting, temperature, ventilation, and headphones checks off the list, it essentially makes the place a good study space!

  • The perfect study environment for me is a cool area temperature wise with classical study music on low through my speakers.

  • For me, a good study space has good lighting, not too many distractions like TVs or noise, a comfortable enough chair, enough desk space for my computer and notebooks, and is secluded from others.  I get easily distracted by other people and isolating a bit helps me focus on studying. I also recommend a full-spectrum lamp to boost your energy and keep you focused. During the winter in particular when it gets so dark so early, it is easy to get lethargic. 

  • Nice place to sit, not too many distractions (music, but it can't have lyrics, I can't read and have music with lyrics playing), and desk space as needed.

  • For me neutral walls so less distractions, a good pair of noise cancelling headphones, and a comfortable chair. Those are the most important parts.

  • A closed room with a table, wireless internet, and a soft chair. 

  • few distractions. A good tech setup is nice but not strictly neccesary. Whatever you need to help you focus.