Study music or super quiet? What are your favorite headphones?

Do you use headphones to block out noise or listen to your favorite tunes? Tell us what headphones make your studying easier.

  • To do both. Currently I am running a Corsair set that I really like that has a removable mic and hard kill switch to the mic. It also fits real nice in my Lenovo y540.

  • I do both but tend to go more for music or ambient noise / music when I'm working or studying. I just got the Legion H300 Stereo Gaming Headset and so far I like it. The mic is retractable which is awesome but I do which they added the foam piece to the end as I feel it tends to prevent random noises, like I can hear the cable when it bumps against the desk which is odd tho not bothersome. 

  • Definitely good feedback on the h300s! They actually sound great with a direct line connection. What kinds of artists/genres do you like to listen to, even in the ambient space?

  • what do you mean by direct line connection? Illustrate me, please.

    Ambience music can go from cafe sounds on a rainy afternoon, sounds from home (mainly the beach), lo-fi (pretty much whatever I run into first when I open YouTube. For specific artists it honestly comes down to my mood. I listen to a little bit of everything. Today's playlist has: Cultura Profética (spanish reggea), Ariana Grande, Queen, AC/DC, Juan Luis Guerra (bachata), Marc Anthony (salsa),  and soundtracks from video games (Fallout New Vegas and Zelda so far). 

  • I hope this isn't too much of a non sequitur: but hearing this about the H300s I may have to give em' a look come time to nab another pair of headphones. 

    Another hopefully-not-too-much-of-a-non-sequitur: *and so goes the train of thought by which I end up hoarding all sorts of various bits of technology in true WH40k Tech Priest fashion Laughing.*

  • You definitely should check them out! And nothing wrong with collecting technology, why do you think I work at Lenovo Stuck out tongue

  • Ah sorry - I simply mean plugging straight into a line in or headphone amp (DAC) device, vs a USB connection Slight smile

    Great choices and a wide variety of music! Gaming sountracks and lofi are some of my favorite as well!

  • got it! I do connect it directly to the 3.5mm port. Any gaming soundtrack you recommend? I've been hooked with FF7 and Fallout Las Vegas.

  • Look up "Video Games Live" - it's an amazing series of albums that are all live orchestrated for popular game themes Slight smile

    Besides that, Ori and the Blind Forest is a favorite of mine!

  • omg you have changed my live!!! I love video game music concerts. The Symphonic Orchestra in Puerto Rico used to do a lot of those concerts pre pandemic <3