How does the physical and emotional environment impact student learning and academic success?

What Made Your Favorite Study Spot Stand Out

  • I don't really remember having a favorite study spot. But a comfy place to sit, reasonable quiet (or noise under my control), make it a lot easier to focus. 

  • They deeply impact academic success!! Even more than classes and subjects themselves! Students need to be healthy and motivated to be able to succeed! 

  • Physical and emotional environment are huge! I could concentrate so much better in a quiet environment, without other outside stress. My favorite was a level of my college library that was rarely used.

  • It is the most important. My favorite study spot is pretty big and quiet. It looks nice.

  • You have to feel physically and emotionally comfortable and secure somewhere to really achieve your potential. In my college apartment, I always studied on my bed or read in my big comfy chair, because that's how I read and studied when I was in high school at my family's home.