What do you think classrooms will look like in 2030?

2020 has shown us just how different classrooms of the future might look.

What do you think classrooms will look like in 2030? Can we predict it?

  • One guess is that software like the chat agents in vr and different lab software for vr will have advanced to the point that we will see some combination of that with physical hands-on where that serves better [this will need some testing I would think], may even be totally in vr, or perhaps even ar tech will have advanced to the point of being both useful and actually affordable along the lines of the HoloLens and other ar glasses and perhaps even other forms such as better holograms and the sort; I mean, for example the military recently made a cool ar headset that provides a literal real life HUD, map, comms device, and more. Something like that but for schools and able to draw upon educational materials and the sort. I honestly don't know, of course, but I imagine something of that sort. 

    After all: competition that will inevitably ensue and already exists between the various companies for both software and hardware will naturally tend to optimize both and get the point where we have enough generations of tech such that e.g. an oculus type device right now will be really cheap later on. Hence affordable for general education and the sort. 

    Possible, of course, also possible it will go other ways - but something to that note.

  • Great stuff here - I'm with you on the future of AR/VR in the classroom, it seems like the next big tech leap in a ton of spaces including education! I can't imagine how cool it will be to take virtual field trips across the world, or learn anatomy with the help of AR overlays and guides. That might make me actually try to relearn some health sciences :D 

  • I've noticed the same trends with AR/VR in the classroom and yes how cool would it be for students to be able to explore the world around them through different lenses. :)

  • Exactly! I think it could really revolutionize learning in the future, especially for complicated topics that might benefit greatly from visualizations.