What are your favorite teacher study tips?

Teachers - what helps YOU study?

What tips do you have for other teachers?

  • My favorite study tip is that what you are trying to remember should be as immersive as possible. 

  • Basically. Study wide awake and often in short bursts

  • Active learning works best.  Certainly writing your own notes is a great start.  Depending on what you study, solving practice problems beyond those the instructor assigns is beneficial.  There is no substitute for consistent study.  You cannot learn anything well at the last minute by cramming.  Study with others.  You will have more fun and you will be surprised how much you learn by explaining things you understand well to others (that is the secret of teaching).

  • There's a great free online class on Coursera called "Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects" that teaches you the best learning techniques that I found very useful. There were many tips that would apply to teachers as well.


  • Keep a clocked time, focus that whole time on the topic, you'll for sure finish it in an hour.