What's your stress reliever?

During breaks between studying or exams, what's your go to stress reliever? Is it cleaning your desk/room? Exercise? Or watching cooking videos on youtube?

  • Taking a Brisk Walk.

  • My stress relief is to meditate for at least 10 minutes just to decompress.

  • Cooking fresh and balanced food daily

  • I love walking to clear my head. Even if it's indoors. 


  • Not exactly Between studying, but during studying I enjoy listening to 24/7 lo-fi music channels on Twitch.

  • Depends on what kind of stress. It can be gym, running, games, Tv, music, trekking, reading...

  • I take my dog for a walk. While I'm walking I don't have to deal with anything else. I wish I could go skiing but it's pricier and further away.

  • I like to listen to music.

  • If I only have 5 minutes or so,  I do some deep breathing, like during meditation.