What's your stress reliever?

During breaks between studying or exams, what's your go to stress reliever? Is it cleaning your desk/room? Exercise? Or watching cooking videos on youtube?

  • Vaping and going outside for some air.

  • Doing something completely unrelated whether it be playing Sudoku, jogging, Yoga stretches, archery, climbing wall, power napping.

  • All of the above, depending on my mood, the weather, time available, etc.

  • I definitely find a brisk walk during the day to help relieve some stress. Working out at the end of the day and then decompressing with some video games or books is my routine at night.

  • My stress reliever is running on my treadmill.

  • working out  weights baby

  • I like to get away from reality. Old school FPS games where I can mindlessly wipe out a non-human threat alone help me destress

  • I enjoy cooking. It's my creative outlet 

  • New stress reliever: I just bought a heavy bag for the gym in the garage.

  • Video games, watching YouTube/Twitch, lying in bed.